Sunday, February 10, 2013

SR NIGHT program pls CLICK LINK below download

B I C O L    C E N T R A L    A C A D E M Y
Libmanan, Camarines Sur

Senior’s Night Program
February 22, 2012
Villa Caceres Hotel, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

Part I              6:00 PM
I-                    Entrance of Seniors
II-                  Entrance of BCA Faculty and Administration
III-                  Doxology                       DARIZA CARYL TENDERO
IV-                 Philippine National Anthem
V-                   Opening Remarks        MRS. BASILICA B. ABARIENTOS
VI-                 Speeches
a.       Education                Castañeda, Alyssa
b.       Alma Mater              Busmente, Camile
c.        Song                        Thousand Years
d.       Liberty                      Liamas, Danelle
e.       Justice                     Capala, Danielle
f.         Song                        I wont Give Up
g.        Wisdom                   Balares, Theodore Vincent
h.       Bb. Pilipinas           Tolledo, Cherry Ann
i.         Batch Song             Lean on Me
j.         Class Prophecy     Alay, Marca Francisca

VII-               Messages                      ABIGAIL V. JAUCIAN
VIII-             Song                               AULD LANG SYNE

Part II
I-Dance Presentation
                Group 1 –Reggae Dance
                Group 2 – Latin American Cha-cha
                Group 3 – Reggae Dance

II-Closing Remarks              ALEXANDER JAMES D. JAUCIAN

Part III   Dinner
Part IV    Socials
Part V     Homebound 11:30 pm

Masters of Ceremony
down load Sr's Night Program

Thursday, September 20, 2012

LG 41 TOP 10 in Computer IV

1. Castañeda, Alyssa Marie B.
2. Dino, Kim L.
3. Abarientos, Alex H.
4. Avila, Rolito Jr.
 5. Balares, Theodore
 6.Sarcia, Cladys
7.Co, Emmanuel
 8.Abad, Mae
9. Marasigan, Dara
10.Rotaquio, Angeli Marie

LG-44 TOP 10 First Grading S/Y 2012-13

1. Sape, Cristie C.
2. Romero, Christine Joy R.
3. Yaldua, Chona M.
4. Bañares, Khescielyn T.
5. Osio, Junas M.
6. Peñaredondo, Den Mark B.
7. Peñaredondo, Marie B.
8. Callo, Frank Louie R.
9. Rios, Judy N.
10.Osio, Jamaica M.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ass#2.1 Computer IV only

1. Research the history of Adobe Photoshop.
2.Who develop the adobe system?
3. look for the meaning of the following:
      a. Raster
      b. Pixels
      c. Bitmap
      d. Vector
      e. Panels
      f. ILM
4.  What are the different shortcut keys in Adobe Photoshop?
5.  Be ready for the short quiz.